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  • An expert team that scrutinises the market for the best deals
  • A friction free process that is managed from analyse through to contract renewals
  • Gas and electricity deals to suit all businesses
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  • Power your business

    Embrace sustainability and certainty with our 100% green, fixed-rate energy contract 

    • – Budget certainty with exclusive rates, locked in for up to three years 
    • – Demonstrate your green credentials with 100% renewable energy
    • – Secure exclusive Wind Farm naming rights

Why choose us?

  • We save you money

    On average we save our clients 11% off their energy bills – that’s your money back into your business.

  • We work hard for your trust

    We act with complete transparency, giving you total confidence every step of the way. It’s why 98% of clients retain us.

  • We remove all friction

    We help you make a smooth transition to reducing your energy costs using our energy expertise.

Save up to 50% on energy bills with Radius Energy – Get your free business energy review today

Great value energy solutions

Our expert team will search the market for the best electricity and gas deals for your business. By working closely with leading energy suppliers, you can be sure your operations can continue to operate seamlessly, whilst saving you money.

EV Tariffs for business

Linking our chargepoints with a specialist EV electricity tariff can help you save money on operating your fleet.  Our team will help you find the most appropriate option for you.

100% Renewable Energy

Our suppliers offer 100% renewable tariffs for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprints.

The Complete EV Solution

Our vehicle charge points, already installed extensively across Europe, come with a complete advisory, installation and maintenance service. You can choose your solution with absolute confidence it will meet your business needs and link it to a specialist EV business energy tariff.

Our innovative REV card is accepted at thousands of public EV charge points as well as traditional fuel stations throughout the UK and Ireland.